Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Warner Brothers Studio Premier of Hearing Everett

On October 10th people arrived from Arizona, Washington State, Texas, New Hampshire and all over California to see the West Coast Premier of Hearing Everett. It was a special evening as the crew and cast shared with the attendees the story and purpose of the movie. The response and feedback was positive and everyone had a great evening. We wish to express our thanks to all who showed up to be with us that special evening, also everyone who gave to make this film possible. A special thanks to Kevin O'Connell for setting the screening up. Please stay tuned as we go to printing, pressing and getting this special film out. Just a reminder that it is more than a movie, but also a 5 week study guide with video clips to teach and encourage the viewer to step out and serve Jesus, whether in his neighborhood or across the world.
here are some pictures of our fun evening. Enjoy.

Inside the theater.

Jim Kirk Johnson
Kevin O'Connell (Sound designer)
Luke Everett
Beau Borders (Sound)

The Producer Jim Kirk Johnson

The Director; TC Johnstone

The Everett Family

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Christine said...

Woo hoo! I just ordered the DVD and am so exicted to watchi it with my family! I just finished reading Stepping Out In Faith in one night. I plan to be in touch. Thank you!