Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fishing Village

The Scouting Trip to a Fishing Village

When we began the Rancho Sordo Mudo film project we knew that it was going to take us to places that may be off the map. As we began researching and interviewing students on their experience at the ranch, we met Marisol. It was instantly clear that we wanted to have her in the film. We also wanted to see what her life was like before she arrived at the school.

With the help of our new friends Marla and Kirk Daily and Baja Pilot Jim Gaskin, we were able to plan a scouting trip 1500 miles to a small fishing village. Little did I know what I was getting into.

We traveled several hundred miles in Jim's twin engine Piper, to a small dirt airstrip, where Higuera met us in his white pick-up truck. We traveled mile after mile across the desert to finally arrive at one of the most incredible shorelines I have ever seen. It was also the hottest place I have ever been on earth.

We rode in their fishing boat and talked about life in this area with limited electicity, no running water or bathroom facilities, and life before and after Marisol started her education at RSM. If you would like to read her story please visit
http://www.marisolhiguera.com/ or just wait for the movie.

We are headed back in 2 weeks to capture the story with our crew and we are expecting a spectacular story!

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