Friday, August 15, 2008

We're almost done...

As summer starts to draw to a close, so does the Hearing Everett Film project! This month we hope to finish the film and study guide materials and get everything into final printing and duplication.
During the month of July several churches from across the United States screened a "rough edited" version of the film and study guide and their feedback will help to put the final "touches" and "tweaks" to the project.

Another highlight to the month was finishing the sound portion of the film. We were blessed to have
Joshua Myers, a composer from Seattle, WA compose an original score for the film, , Over the last five years, Honorary Emmy-Award winning composer Joshua Myers has earned an impressive summary of credits in feature film and television, and as producer for some of the industry's finest recording artists.

In addition to that, Kevin O'Connell (a 20 time academy award nominated sound mixer) and his partner Beau Borders put the final music and sound together on a multi-million dollar sound stage at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. This isn't the first time we have gotten the feeling that God is taking this little "David" film into "Goliath" territory.

Beau Borders

For those of you interested in getting a "first look" at the finished film while supporting the project at the same time, you have your chance! Strong Tower Ministries will be hosting several "Premiere Benefit
Screenings" of Hearing Everett. Two of these benefit screenings will occur during the month of September.
At each event, Luke Everett and some of the film crew will be on hand to discuss the making of the film and its mission. One will take place September 23rd, 7:30 PM at the Krikorian Theatre in San Clemente (for those of you living in the San Diego/Orange County areas) and the other Friday, September 19th, 8:00 PM at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center in Simi Valley (for those of you living the LA/Ventura areas). All proceeds of the events will go towards finishing costs of the film project and the $25.00 ticket price will be a tax deductible donation. To find out how to purchase tickets or inquire about how your church can support these events, please contact Jim at 800 619-5351 or email him at
If you want to get updated information about the film or are interested in getting your local church involved, please visit the website at