Friday, March 28, 2008

The filming continues...for the study guide

The film crew of Hearing Everett has been in Michigan, Santa Barbara and now back at the Ranch to film segments for the study guide that will accompany the Hearing Everett film. We are not only making an amazing movie that we hope will encourage and inspire people to step out and serve God, but also a 5 week study guide designed to be done by a small group, youth group, or family that will illustrate points in the film which can then be applied to the individual. The study guide will also contain 5 short 10 minute video testimonials from people who have been impacted in some way by Rancho Sordo Mudo and its ministry. And just like the film, quality and time is being invested in each video testimonial. There have been great interviews and shots of people working.

Another Artist signs on...

Nate Allman has signed on to the Hearing Everett movie. He is an up and coming singer out of Texas. His song "Unconditional" from the album "Dream for Free" produced by 540 records will be in the movie. To hear the song or find out more about Nate please go to
We are excited to have Nate on board with us.
Stay tuned for more developments...

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Newsboys join Hearing Everett"

The Christian music group Newsboys are excited to come along side of Hearing Everett and allow one of their songs used in the movie.
Recently Newsboys was named 2007 artist of the year; "something beautiful" named 2007 song of the year

Australia's national Christian music charts, The Rock Across Australia (TRAA), named contemporary Christian music mainstay newsboys 2007 Artist of the Year, and recipient of the Song of the Year honor for Something Beautiful.
The song "Something Beautiful" from their album "GO" will be used in the movie. We are very thankful to the Newsboys for being a part of the Hearing Everett experience.

Luke and Joshua met Peter Furler of Newsboys a couple years ago in Wisconsin.


The editing for Hearing Everett has begun and it is being done by a Christian Motion Picture company in Alabama called Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures. Not only do they edit movies, but have produced and made films also.


Andy (left) and Jon (right) Erwin, known as the Erwin Brothers, began their careers over a decade ago working as camera operators for ESPN and ABC. Together in 1999, they founded Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures in their hometown of Birmingham, AL. Since then the award winning director team has produced and directed projects seen on CBS, TBN, PBS, CMT, GAC, Gospel Music Channel, iTunes, BET and many others.

Their varied portfolio includes commercials, music videos, short films, web content and full-length documentaries. Their multi-award winning 9/11 documentary film The Cross and The Towers is available in stores nationwide.

Today, the company consists of seven professionals and a 16,000 square foot studio just outside of Birmingham, AL. The Brother team hope to begin working on original feature films in the near future.

For more information please see