Saturday, January 19, 2008

The second Ensenada/Rancho shoot.

The filming continues and since Monday we have been busy. After arriving and unpacking the crew went back to the shelter to get a few shots of the deaf girls playing. Then Tuesday was classrooms shots and interview days.

Positioning the JIB for the Bus in shop shot.

Wednesday we were in Ensenada from 8AM till 9:30 PM a long but very productive day. We filmed a work area where former student Marcelo is working. We filmed him working and had an interview with him.

Marcelo's work place

Then we were off to film different locations around Ensenada:

After that we were off to film Carlos. Carlos is a former student who is now the pastor to the deaf in Ensenada at calvary Chapel Horizonte in Ensenada.

Pastor Carlos teaching.

Thursday was about more Ranch, classrooms, Ranch shots and more interviews.

Gaby Interview.

Evan Teaching

Friday back to Ensenada to film and interview Angel another former student of RSM at his job. In all the interviews there was a recurring theme, you'll have to see the movie to see what it was.

Angel interview

Saturday was another interview day as the crew interviewed Josefina and Luke. The crew behind the camera was blessed by Josefina's interview and heart.

Then we had a break for pizza.

Thank you and stay tuned...