Monday, June 9, 2008

Tony Plana...Need I say more?

Tony Plana
By Luke Everett
I was sitting in an amazingly beautiful house (Thank you Robot) watching Tony Plana (who is currently starring in a popular TV show and has been in countless TV shows and movies) talk through the Hearing Everett study guide introductions. Every time he said "Rancho Sordo Mudo" the words rolled off his tongue and I got goose bumps. What is Tony Plana doing being a part of Hearing Everett? It was a series of "Godincidences" that brought Tony to us to not only do the introductions to the study guide, but also narrate the Hearing Everett movie. He was a class act, very accommodating and did a great job. When it was all over, he approached us and said he enjoyed very much hearing the story and being a part of it. Stay tuned as we move into sound mixing, marketing and beyond. Please keep praying.

The crew and Tony

memorizing lines

Doing the narration in Studio.

Now were done filming...

It's been over a year and we are amazed how God has brought this project together and continues to have his hand over it. We had to get one more shoot in the movie before officially moving on. That scene involved taking over a friends house, a little boy named Sammy and the usual cast of suspects. It was the recreation of a scene where Luke as a young boy is found out to be deaf. Sammy did a great job and we got the shot needed. So I guess we're done now.

Good job Sammy!