Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whats been happening???

Friends, do not fear, we're still filming. We had to take a short hiatus but now back on track. In November part of the film crew returned to North Carolina to get some shots we were not able to get before. It was a successful shoot, we even got a helicopter for one of the shoots.

On December 4th we did filming at the Chula Vista Veterans Home and at the hospital where Josefina had her surgery. The hospital staff was very accommodating as we took over the lobby and they allowed us to film in the surgical ward.

Filming in the hospital lobby.

Also during this time TC our director has been very busy with the editing process.
We are excited about the final filming which will take place January 14th-21st at the Ranch and Ensenada.

Then after that: Post production, editing, marketing and etc. Wow sounds exciting. WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE!!!

On a side note if you are free and live near Orange County, On January 26th, 6PM in Tustin at the Curtain Call Theater there will be a Gala Fundraising Event, the proceeds will go towards the movie. It will cost $100.00 per person, you get a 3 course dinner, a show "Forever Plaid", a sneak peek of the film (which right there will be worth it), the Director and Rock Star will be sharing and you will be able to participate in a silent auction. What a deal! If interested please call 800-619 5315