Monday, November 3, 2008

Hearing Everett gets 5 stars (or Doves)!

The Dove Foundation whose mission is To encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment, gave the Hearing Everett movie 5 Doves. For more info go to:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Warner Brothers Studio Premier of Hearing Everett

On October 10th people arrived from Arizona, Washington State, Texas, New Hampshire and all over California to see the West Coast Premier of Hearing Everett. It was a special evening as the crew and cast shared with the attendees the story and purpose of the movie. The response and feedback was positive and everyone had a great evening. We wish to express our thanks to all who showed up to be with us that special evening, also everyone who gave to make this film possible. A special thanks to Kevin O'Connell for setting the screening up. Please stay tuned as we go to printing, pressing and getting this special film out. Just a reminder that it is more than a movie, but also a 5 week study guide with video clips to teach and encourage the viewer to step out and serve Jesus, whether in his neighborhood or across the world.
here are some pictures of our fun evening. Enjoy.

Inside the theater.

Jim Kirk Johnson
Kevin O'Connell (Sound designer)
Luke Everett
Beau Borders (Sound)

The Producer Jim Kirk Johnson

The Director; TC Johnstone

The Everett Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

We're almost done...

As summer starts to draw to a close, so does the Hearing Everett Film project! This month we hope to finish the film and study guide materials and get everything into final printing and duplication.
During the month of July several churches from across the United States screened a "rough edited" version of the film and study guide and their feedback will help to put the final "touches" and "tweaks" to the project.

Another highlight to the month was finishing the sound portion of the film. We were blessed to have
Joshua Myers, a composer from Seattle, WA compose an original score for the film, , Over the last five years, Honorary Emmy-Award winning composer Joshua Myers has earned an impressive summary of credits in feature film and television, and as producer for some of the industry's finest recording artists.

In addition to that, Kevin O'Connell (a 20 time academy award nominated sound mixer) and his partner Beau Borders put the final music and sound together on a multi-million dollar sound stage at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. This isn't the first time we have gotten the feeling that God is taking this little "David" film into "Goliath" territory.

Beau Borders

For those of you interested in getting a "first look" at the finished film while supporting the project at the same time, you have your chance! Strong Tower Ministries will be hosting several "Premiere Benefit
Screenings" of Hearing Everett. Two of these benefit screenings will occur during the month of September.
At each event, Luke Everett and some of the film crew will be on hand to discuss the making of the film and its mission. One will take place September 23rd, 7:30 PM at the Krikorian Theatre in San Clemente (for those of you living in the San Diego/Orange County areas) and the other Friday, September 19th, 8:00 PM at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center in Simi Valley (for those of you living the LA/Ventura areas). All proceeds of the events will go towards finishing costs of the film project and the $25.00 ticket price will be a tax deductible donation. To find out how to purchase tickets or inquire about how your church can support these events, please contact Jim at 800 619-5351 or email him at
If you want to get updated information about the film or are interested in getting your local church involved, please visit the website at

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tony Plana...Need I say more?

Tony Plana
By Luke Everett
I was sitting in an amazingly beautiful house (Thank you Robot) watching Tony Plana (who is currently starring in a popular TV show and has been in countless TV shows and movies) talk through the Hearing Everett study guide introductions. Every time he said "Rancho Sordo Mudo" the words rolled off his tongue and I got goose bumps. What is Tony Plana doing being a part of Hearing Everett? It was a series of "Godincidences" that brought Tony to us to not only do the introductions to the study guide, but also narrate the Hearing Everett movie. He was a class act, very accommodating and did a great job. When it was all over, he approached us and said he enjoyed very much hearing the story and being a part of it. Stay tuned as we move into sound mixing, marketing and beyond. Please keep praying.

The crew and Tony

memorizing lines

Doing the narration in Studio.

Now were done filming...

It's been over a year and we are amazed how God has brought this project together and continues to have his hand over it. We had to get one more shoot in the movie before officially moving on. That scene involved taking over a friends house, a little boy named Sammy and the usual cast of suspects. It was the recreation of a scene where Luke as a young boy is found out to be deaf. Sammy did a great job and we got the shot needed. So I guess we're done now.

Good job Sammy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


David Eggerichs the DP, TC Johnstone the Director and Luke Everett ponder the future from a mountain top in Mexico...

After 13 months, filming in: La Purisima, Ensenada, Guadalupe (all in Baja California, Mexico), Santa Barbara, San Diego, North Carolina, Michigan and lastly Los Mochis Sinaloa (down in Mainland Mexico). From the blazing hot sun in La Purisima to the frozen tundra of Michigan, and everything in between. We had people getting sick, the directors mother passed away, a helicopter not showing up and one we had reserved crash, the film pressed on. We had uncooperative cows, but cooperative police, but best of all wonderful people who went above and beyond to make this film happen, from ESPN radio in Fayetteville NC to the wonderful folks that showed up at the benefit and everyone that gave, prayed and worked, thank you. BUT... we are far from over, so don't stop praying, don't stop giving. The post production is in full swing which is editing, sound mixing and marketing and will not be cheap, but we know that God will provide, because He has shown that.
As the director TC, the DP Dave and Luke stood on a mountain overlooking the city of Los Mochis they just filmed it was like, wow, we're done (other than our producer who still wants the helicopter shot). It was a feeling of satisfaction of a job well done and seeing God's hand in it all. Stay tuned, because something big is getting ready to happen.

The Los Mochis shoot...

When the final interviews at the ranch ended, the movie director TC, David Eggerichs the director of photography and Luke Everett flew to Los Mochis, Sinaloa to film Dave and Michelle Bonsell for the movie study guide. Dave and Michelle are former staff of Rancho Sordo Mudo who moved south into Mexico and started another school for the deaf there. The school is called Colegio Cristiano Magdalena Rincon. We had a good time seeing what God is doing there and filming the interview with Dave and Michelle. It was a whirlwind day as we only had less than a day to film before TC and Dave we're back on the plane for a many hours long flight home. But we did get the shots...

Dave the DP had his security detail

the Dave & Michelle interview

The church scene

The final shot...