Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think we have a few slides.......

After months of research, Eddy Everett calls to let us know that 2 boxes were going to be sent to the U.S. There were a few slides that he found. After opening the boxes there were a few slides, probably 3500.

After about 15 hours of photo editing we ended up with about 100 amazing slides. The clothing and the Luke Everett's very close resemblence to "Borat" makes me want to go back to the 80's.
The film is coming together!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Indiana Jones files.....

In Documentary film making research is key. We have been on the hunt for photos for the past 3 months. We just couldn't seem to find what we were looking for. Just hours before Luke Everett was leaving for the summer to speak at Hume lake camps the adventure began. Luke opened an old dusty file cabnint to find a forgotten old 16mm film that was shot in the early 70's by a award winning deaf filmmaker.

The case looked like something out of the movies. No one remembered what was on the tape so we called our good friend Brian at Magic Film and Video Works in Hollywood to do a telecine. The footage was in good shape and with Brian's touch he was able to convert it to video for us to use in the film. Thanks Brain for all your help!

Sorry you will have to wait for the film to see the footage. You'll want to see the film just to see the stylish 70's clothes. Lots of plaids and crazy prints! Wow. That just happened!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The trailer is shot!

After over 2 months of research the Gratis 7 Production team spent a week in at Rancho Sordo Mudo producing the trailer for the film. You can take a look at the trailer at

Thanks to all the volunteers who were on board to help with just about everything. This was an exciting week with lots of funny moments. You can't expect to come away NOT changed after an interview with Eddy Everett.

Ironman, Interviews and Pushing Fire Trucks

The production crew headed down last week for 2 days of shooting of Luke Everett competing at the Iron-man Race and then 2 days of interviews. As everyone knows, filmmaking magic happened as Luke DID finish the race last year but this year we had to be creative. After actually swimming the ocean section we headed for the bike. Luke rode for just over 10 miles before being convinced to go to breakfast and then jumping back into the race.

Then it was off to the Ranch for 2 days of interviews. We chose the historic RSM fire truck as a backdrop so you will notice that in the photos. Might I say its hard to push this thing when there is a rock under the tire. After 7 men figured this out we were able to push this thing into the garage. The wind down here is strong, bad on the audio.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Filming Begins!

In the pre-dawn darkness, a dusty Ford Expedition was loaded up with tripods, cameras, a small film crew, and one triathelete. Traveling along the black, twisty highway that stretches from Valle de Guadelupe toward Ensenada Mexico, the group was soon to be at the starting line of the 2nd annual 70.3 Ironman de Mexico, and begin the filming of Hearing Everett.

The journey, albeit brief, was not without its perils.
This footbridge spanning the main highway was still in its proper place just two days earlier...

T.C. scouting the location.

#18 stands out even among the greats of the sport...

The crew discussing the shot ... Spike at the ready with camera plane, boats, and whatever else we could come up with to enhance the filming.

Camera bike ready to go...

...and heading out onto the course.